Monday, April 29, 2013

[Custom] Crib Quilt Pictures!

A couple months ago, one of my coworkers asked me to make a t-shirt quilt for his grand daughter. Today's post is all about showing y'all the outcome of the quilt. 

When he first asked me to make the quilt (in January), I had JUST found out that I was pregnant with my first child. My first trimester was HORRIBLE. That's why I am just now getting finished with it. However, a lot of my time was spent thinking about and planning how I could make these t-shirts into a girlie baby crib quilt. 

He had given me a huge stack of t-shirts and told me to use whatever I wanted to make the quilt. I decided to stay with all the gray t-shirts and pair it with white and pink to make it super girlie. 

The back of the crib quilt is a pink and white polka dot fabric - I think it really helps add to the "girlieness" of the quilt. 

I personalized it with his granddaughter's name on it. I decided to use a different technique when appliquéing the letters on the quilt. First, I applied them with heat-n-bond ultra. Usually, I go around the letters with a zig zag stitch before I finish the quilting process - even though the heat-n-bond ultra is supposed to hold FOREVER. Because of the wear n' tear that quilts endure, I want the extra security that the letters will stay in the washer and while cuddling with a little one. 

So, instead of immediately making a zig zag stitch around the letters, I went ahead and finished the quilting. I made my quilt sandwich and free motioned the quilt together. Then I went around the letters with a zig zag stitch. Why do I like this method better? Because the zig zag stitch left a really neat "outline" of the name on the back of the quilt! Although I am going to try this method again in the future, I think it will only look this great on quilts with a light color backing. 

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